Watch: Greta Van Susteren talks politics on East Texas Now

Great Van Susteren is the chief national political analyst for Gray Television, Inc.

Watch Live: East Texas Now conversation with political analyst Greta Van Susteren

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Gray’s Chief National Political Analyst Greta Van Susteren is chatting with East Texas Now about current happenings in Washington, D.C.

A topic for discussion of special interest to East Texans is the nomination of former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe by President Trump for the position of Director of National Intelligence.

“One concern some have expressed with this nomination is that he is a Trump loyalist so that he may not give candid advice to the president as a result. He was very critical of the Russia investigation which is seen by democrats as someone who favors the president ... over perhaps, from the democrat viewpoint, what he should.”

As far as Ratcliffe’s not having a background in intelligence, Van Susteren did not think that will affect his ability to do the job.

“What kind of experience do you have to have to do this kind of job? I’m not sure what kind of experience anyone in particular would have. He has law enforcement experience. If he’s smart, that’s important, if he works hard I think that’ important. But most national security stuff is uncharted waters. You really don’t know what to expect day by day. That’s what I say. Others disagree with me and think that you have to have been in intelligence area for a long time. I don’t. I actually prefer someone who has not been and perhaps has not been living in an echo chamber so much but may have more transparency when it’s appropriate."

In terms of how she expects the confirmation hearings to go, Greta chuckled and said, “Get ready. There’ll be blood on the floor ... that’s how. You know, all these confirmation hearings in D.C. like blood on the floor. You know, you would think that for issues like national security that it wouldn’t be partisan, and I hope that it’s not partisan."

She said she hopes nominees will be accepted rejected based on actual reasons, not based on party loyalty.

“If there’s a reason to reject him, reject him. If there’s a reason to be accepted, we should accept him. But this whole partisanship that we have now in D.C. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vote was largely along political lines. He will get a vigorous once-over by the democratic party because that’s the opposing party,” she said.

Van Susteren added that Ratcliffe’s stance on the Mueller hearing might work against him as far as democrats are concerned.

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