Tony Romo opens up at Texas State Open Q&A

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback gets in last-minute practice at The Cascades Country Club

Tony Romo opens up at Texas State Open Q&A
Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo speaks to member of the Cascades Golf Club ahead of the Texas State Open

TYLER, Texas (KLTV/KTRE) - When he isn’t in the booth broadcasting NFL games, odds are you can find former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on any given golf course. On Monday, that course was The Cascades Country Club in Tyler, as he prepared for the Texas State Open golf tournament.

Romo got in a final set of practice rounds before the tournament kicked off the following day.

East Texas News’ Caleb Beames got the chance to see Romo in action before the tournament begins Tuesday.

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After the round, Romo opened up about various topics.

On playing the Cascades:

“The course is in great shape,” Romo said. “The grens are fantastic. There is more undulation then I thought. It was fantastic.We don’t get that in Dallas. I think it will play firm and fast. Your ability to play from the rough will be key and put it into the fairway and put well. The biggest key in golf is to everyone wants to shoot great and play great. Like football I will sacrifice short term game which is to go back as a kid and trap draw a three-iron but there is an endgame to improve and get better. You do that with the tournaments."

On the topic of being the starting quarterback for the Cowboys:

“You are not really thinking every that you are going to be in position to be in a group like that,” Romo said. “It doesn’t just happen. One you are just trying so hard to get on a team and make it to the NFL. When I was young and not playing I just worked on myself. One year you are just trying to make the team. The next year you are trying to be the backup. The next year you are trying to be the starter. You are just practicing and trying to get better. That is what doesn’t happen overnight. It all is a progression. You are a nobody that no one cares then you are on a team and people from your hometown kind of like you but no one in Dallas cares. Then you are back up and showing flashes then a starter and the hopes and dreams of every fan rides and dies with you on Sunday. That is when your life changes overnight.”

On Training Camp:

“My body doesn’t miss it,” Romo said. “I sacrificed a lot with the body for the game. I am excited about the Cowboys. They have as complete a team since I have been in the NFL. They do have one of their best teams they have ever had.”

On Dak Prescott and the 2019 Cowboys:

“You are lucky if you can play in the NFL and the great franchise like the Cowboys,” Romo said. “I gave everything I could. No one wanted to win more than I did. As a fan you root for the team with your whole heart. I think right know this is one of those times this team has something special. You root for them and want them to have success.”

On choosing Golf or announcing football:

“I don’t deal in hypothetical,” Romo said. “For me the expectations in golf are the same as football. You just keep getting better... Ihave a high swing speed so the ceiling is high for me but there is no endgame for me on golf. I love announcing. I love the game of football. I love the chess game and enjoy trying to explain it.”

On Patrick Mahomes:

“He is one of the best things to happen to the NFL in a long time,” Romo said. “First everyone can see his talent. It is rare and special. Also as a person... He really is a genuine nice kid. The world right now is perfect and great but there will be tough times and when he does I think that foundation he had sat here with his family and his community It will play a big part because you c an almost always fall back on that. They cannot take that from you. I think it is going to be a great fun career. I think he can have the highest of highs but some lows like everyone.”

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