Jason Witten brings years of experience with training camp return

VIDEO: Witten gives his analysis on Cowboys strengths, upcoming season

OXNARD, CA (KTRE) -Jason Witten made his return to cowboys camp with plenty of applause by the fans in attendance.

The tight end stepped away from the game to enter the ESPN announcing booth last season. He had previously participated in OTA’s and mini camp. Through all of it he brings intangibles.

“You know he’s really a smart football player," Head Coach Jason Garrett said. "He understands the game and works very hard at it. He’s probably as detail oriented of a player as I’ve ever been around. He really likes in on the importance of the stance footwork and all the different things he needs to do to be successful that hasn’t changed one bit.”

Witten is beginning his 16th camp. All of them have been with the Cowboys. In his time away last season, Witten was able to look at the organization from a different view.

“There is always this point in time and everyone hits it at a different time in their career," Witten said. “When I say, ‘”OK I got this figured out. I can take that Next step as a player.’ I sense that. I sensed it this off-season we’re a lot of players. I sensed we’ve gone through OTAs and mini camps so now you just got to go do it. These guys have a lot of confidence I think that’s the excitement that I feel I understand it’s bigger than them but they’re focused on what they can do to improve is to take their game to another level when you have a group of guys collectively that approach it that way it’s really fun to be a part of that."

Witten will be the guy everyone focuses on but No. 82 will be looking to bring up the future of the organization. Long-time teammate Sean Lee is liking what he sees so far.

“He looks incredible,” Lee said. “Even now, all the little tricks of the trade that he has we got to get used to playing against them. He’s so good with his feet so good with his releases he makes everything looks the same for now I’m going to sit back and watch tape of him a couple years ago and OTA’s and try to remember all those little things because if you’re not ready you can make you look bad.”

For Witten to have a successful comeback he will need good production from quarterback Dak Prescott.

“The intangibles that he has as a leader and as a guy are unlike anything I have ever seen,” Witten said. “Everybody respects him. They want to play for him and listen to him. They believe in him and then as a player his confidence in the system and all the other little things that he’s working on to improve his game I expect an incredible year for him he is the leader of this football team.”

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