Carrier reunion brings ‘family’ back together

Carrier reunion brings ‘family’ back together

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - After the Carrier plant in Tyler closed in 2013 - roughly 400 East Texans who worked together every day didn’t see each other anymore.

That was, until today.

Former Tyler Carrier employees gathered today for their first reunion since the plant closed.

The day consisted of food, fellowship, raffles and a memorial ceremony for former friends and employees who have passed.

“When we worked at Carrier we were a family,” said Felicia Pettigrew, a former employee of Carrier. “So, we decided after 2013 has been gone for a while that we wanted to get back together and have a reunion — have a big picnic — see people we haven’t seen in a long time.”

The organizers of the reunion said they are hoping to host one every three years., with the next being in 2022.

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