Better East Texas: Ice-cream licking, dirty hands, and other despicable public health hazards

BET: Ice-cream licking, dirty hands, and other despicable public health hazards

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - I don’t know about you but when I am in a restaurant and the person taking my money also is handling food, it is upsetting, at the least. It is unsanitary, also.

Sadly, we have entered an era when that act, dirty hands on food, is minor, though, compared to what is captured regularly on video and posted on social media. We have all heard of the person in Lufkin Walmart that licked the ice cream and returned it to the freezer. It was disgusting. And yet, there were some copycats out there who decided it would be a bold and rebellious thing to mimic.

Thankfully, law enforcement acted swiftly and decidedly, and prosecution is in the works. But social media avails itself to the shocking and unsettling, and while it is one thing to record a random act in nature or capture a great moment in sports or some other unplanned highlight, it is another thing to plan to lick the ice cream or some other despicable act that, at its core, can be a public health hazard.

I saw a recent video that showed a physically capable airline passenger operating the television in their seatback with their feet. Again, despicable and a potential health risk. Hopefully Twitter, Facebook and other larger social media sites will act to monitor videos that are potential health risks and get them removed. We don’t need to glorify these scoundrels with a bunch of video plays or likes or retweets. Remove them, condemn them and then get the video to the authorities for prosecution, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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