Youth Football Concussions

Concussion DR. 10PM

(KLTV) - Soon, football for youngsters will begin and doctors are paying attention to concussions at that level.

Recently, the Baylor Scott and White Spine and Joint hospital was the location of a coaches clinic hosted by former NFL players and Hall Of Famer Earl Campbell and Gary Baxter. Among the topics discussed was concussions, Doctor of Neurology Allison Hennigan talked about youth football and concussions.

“So it’s important for us to protect our kids but we need to make that we know that pee-wee football can do damage to the children as well as jr. high, high school and college,” said Hennigan. “And so just because it’s more intensive play, it’s more competitive play doesn’t mean we don’t need to pay attention to those younger kids. One of the other things I mention in my talk was that, the impact of chronic traumatic encephalopathy so one of the things that they did, they did a study looking at if there was a number of concussions that was related to the element of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and what they actually found is years of play actually had more to do with it than the number of concussions.”

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