East Texas drivers are concerned about things that ‘go bump in the road’

Manhole Covers

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Tyler traffic can be a nightmare at times, but now, some drivers say they have a new fear.

Some manhole covers are sticking up higher than the asphalt around them.

Business owners are concerned about things that go bump in the road.

From a worm’s eye view, the manholes in Tyler look like mountains.

From the corner of Chilton and Front Street in Tyler, you can see at least five covers sticking up well above the asphalt.

And as cars whizz by, unaware of the hazard, it’s putting driver’s and their tires at risk.

“People have to come in and make sharp turns so it does have a big effect,” said Tyler business owner Saf Hapis.

Hapis says he dodges the manhole covers on his drive to work.

“We drivers that drive on this daily. We want to be able to see a change, especially with the banks and the traffic that we have,” Hapis said.

The damage done by a maintenance hole to a vehicle could potentially cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

“When you got 3,000 or 4,000 pounds of weight going down the road at 40 or 50, something has got to give, so when you hit these man holes, it could damage a car,” said A & B Brake and Alignment owner Dorman Jennings.

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