New Basketball League For Kids

KODC League

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - At All Saints, these young athletes are in the King of D Court D League. D stands for disciplined, dedicated, determined, developing. Ingredients needed to help mold strong character.

Tyler native and John Tyler Alum Tommy Mitchell and his wife Whitney both have strong basketball playing backgrounds in college. This is their passion, besides improving their skills, there’s another goal.

“I think the number one thing is to persevere no matter what. And have a sense of discipline that’s one of our key core principles that we teach the kids because this is year round we’re able to implement them not just learning fundamentals but life skills," said Co-Founder of KODC Whitney Mitchell. "Basketball for me because I also played was a huge factor and just becoming a great person all the way around and learning to navigate the world. We want them to be able to use all of their their tools they’re learning in basketball in life.”

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