Moon Day at TJC was a ‘blast’ for all generations

Moon Day at TJC was a ‘blast’ for all generations

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Even the youngest generations at Tyler Junior College’s ‘Moon Day’ celebration knew what today was about.

“It’s the 50th anniversary of the moon landing,” said twelve-year-old Joseph Endreola.

“50 years today Apollo 11, on this day, landed on the moon,” said eleven-year-old A.J. Willis.

“50 years ago today Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the moon,” said fourteen-year-old Dustin Young.

Some of them knew the details of that fateful day — or at least their version of it.

“And the people were in the tippy-top and they went on the moon and they took off and they go back in earth and they parachute down and they went in the water,” said seven-year-old Ryder Morris explaining Apollo 11′s trip back to Earth.

Building their own rockets seemed to be a common favorite, among the kids in attendance.

“We were spending time building rockets... it was a blast," said Young, winking.

“My favorite thing I’ve done is made rockets because they were really fun to fly, but my favorite thing I’ve learned is how constellations are made and how trajectory works and stuff like that it’s really fun here,” said ten-year-old Bryce Attebery who was enjoying the day with his grandparents.

For generations who witnessed the moon landing - they could relive how they felt 50 years ago.

“How in the world did they do that?" said Charles Attebery, (Bryce’s grandfather) describing how he felt watching the moon landing. “It was so different and you just wondered how is it possible?”

Bryce said having his grandfather with him today helped bring everything to life.

“It actually helps because I actually get to feel what the experience was because I can hear details and everything,” said Bryce. “I can hear like, well we were watching it on the TV and it was really dark outside and I just think it’s great.”

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