Rescued East Texas horses receiving constant care

Rescued East Texas horses receiving constant care

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas horse rehab group continues working on the massive job of trying to nurse over 150 rescued animals back to health.

Safe Haven Equine Rescue has been caring for horses, mules, and donkeys taken in a June seizure warrant that found many of them emaciated and suffering from various medical conditions.

Well fed and getting lots of medical attention now, the animals are on the road to recovery.

“Getting weight on the horses and getting their immune systems back up and running was the most urgent thing,”said Carrie Downs, the rescue coordinator for Safe haven..

“It’s going to be an ongoing thing for the next month or two months. In two days, we’ve gone through 150-200 bales of hay,” said Safe Richard Fincher, Safe haven’s executive director.

One-hundred-fifty-nine horses, mules, and donkeys were brought to an undisclosed location in Upshur County after being rescued from an equine rescue facility in Camp County.

One could not be saved.

“We lost one horse the night after they were seized,” Downs said.

However, the rest have a good prognosis.

There’s still a mountain of work ahead, and while the Humane Society is pledging $50,000, more is needed.

“We need close to 75-thousand dollars. With their 50, we would need another 25. You have hay and water that constantly has to be fed and cleaned, and keeping their environment clean,” Downs said.

It’s worth the effort. Many of them are on their way back.

“Watching the light come back on in them, watching their spirit return, that’s the most rewarding part of any of our rescues,” Downs said.

Safe Haven will work with other agencies and rescue groups to find the animals good homes.

The defendants in the seizure ruling did not appeal a judge's decision, and the animals remain in the custody of Safe Haven.

The Humane Society of the United States is also providing 60 days worth of hay for the animals.

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