NASA technology permeates everyday life 50 years after moon landing

NASA technology permeates everyday life 50 years after moon landing
The technology used to land on the moon 50 years ago is being used in our daily lives.

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - They say the moon landing in 1969 affected us all directly. It may be tough to believe that someone in a space suit stepping onto the lunar surface 50 years ago has anything to do with us today, but the things NASA had to invent to land on the moon have rippled into our daily lives.

Humans are incredibly inventive, and in a decade managed not only to envision a way to put us on the moon, but to technically make it so.

Why, look in any drawer and you may find items related to NASA engineering like wax, googly eyes and toe socks.

Okay, maybe not those things, but satellite TV, scratch resistant lenses, and a whole lot of other things came about or were made better because of NASA engineering.

Meagan Chitwood was surprised to find out tennis shoe padding got a whole lot better because of moon boots.

“I wouldn’t have known that’s how they created tennis shoes, how they knew what to put in them,” Meagan admitted.

“I’m a shoe guy, so that’s pretty impressive,” said Lee Loyd.

Actually, I didn’t know that either, and neither did Jeff Enoch, and we also didn’t know NASA came up with the:

“Cordless drill,” I told Jeff Enoch

“Really? Makes sense. Nowhere to plug it into there,” Jeff commented.

Good point. Necessity was a driving force, according to retired engineer Reggie Harris.

“Everything was done slide rule and just using their brains. It’s just mind boggling to think of how far we’ve come. So many of the products that you have now, you would not have if it wouldn’t have been for the research that they did,” Reggie stated.

Innovations made for the moon trip have a direct line to computer chips, cordless tools, the solar panel, motion detectors, fire resistant cloth and breathing devices, the joystick, and more. But what about:

“My Tang,” Reggie pointed out.

“Can’t forget the Tang!” I agreed.

“You still drink Tang?” I asked him.

“No I haven’t even seen Tang,” Reggie laughed.

It’s still around but the orange powdered drink mix “Tang” was not invented by NASA, and neither was the “Moon Walk”.

According to NASA, Houston’s NRG Stadium’s retractable roof is made of a strong-as-steel fabric that came directly from NASA’s space suits.

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