Former NFL players host coaches’ clinic

VIDEO: Former NFL players host coaches’ clinic

TYLER, TYLER (KLTV) - Area coaches got a chance to learn about the latest trends in sports fitness and science from two NFL greats during a Wednesday coaches’ clinic in Tyler.

The event is a Project Rose program and was held in conjunction with Baylor Scott & White Texas Spine and Joint Hospital.

Project Rose Institute for Sports Science was co-founded by former NFL players Earl Campbell and Gary Baxter. The institute is a research facility dedicated to sports medicine and therapy.

The event was held at Baylor Scott and White.

Area coaches were informed about new technology to help injuries heal properly and participated in seminars on nutrition, concussions and other elements that impact young football players and athletes.

Other seminars covered injury prevention, case studies, traumatic brain injuries and focused on helping coaches look for new ways to cope with today’s game.

“(It was) very informative and educational. (It can) help us grow as coaches, dealing with our kids,” Bullard Coach Scott Calloway said, thanking Campbell, Baxter and Baylor Scott & White. “... the things him Gary and Earl are doing just nothing but beneficial for our kids here in East Texas.”

Demonstrations were held throughout the day.

“We have machines here the kids can see. Maybe when a hamstring is being tight and that kid is having hamstring problems there are machines here at Project Rose,” Campbell said.

The event also included a Q&A with Campbell and Baxter.

Campbell is a Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Fame inductee. Baxter is a former All Pro player.

“This is more of an informative clinic. It’s very educational there’s a lot of technology that we are showing,” Baxter said, adding that the information coaches learned can be used when during the season. "They can think about if they see a player gets hurt or something happens, I can think about exactly what they saw at Project Rose sports medicine program to (help) their players.”

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