East Texas veteran has trouble renewing driver’s license under new rule

New rule requires passport or birth certificate

Driver's license problems

RUSK COUNTY, TEXAS- A 90-year-old East Texas veteran is having some trouble getting his license renewed. He’s been told he needs to show a birth certificate. The problem is he doesn’t have one.

“You wouldn’t believe how frustrating it is,” said Maurice Jefferson.

For almost two months, he’s been trying to renew his Texas driver’s license. He said Thursday that he’s had a license since the 1940s and never had a problem renewing until now.

"Just go and pay the fee and get your license and go," he said.

After passing the required vision test and medical exam, Jefferson was told without a passport or birth certificate he couldn’t renew.

"I won't be able to vote. I can't do anything really," he said.

The Air Force veteran says he doesn't have a birth certificate and never has.

"I don't know who my father and mother was. I was born by midwife I'm told and just raised by other people. So, I really don't know who my parents are," Jefferson said.

Jefferson says he's offered a folder full of identification, including his recently expired license, military enlistment record, discharge papers, and his VA card.

A representative with the Texas Department of Public Safety told East Texas News that the new rule that took effect last month will not allow Jefferson to renew without a birth certificate or a passport.

"Been going from place to place ever since trying to get this straightened out," he said.

His most recent effort was a trip to Austin.

"The state just made me fill out a bunch of papers and pay them a fee. And they tell me they'll send me something in the mail,” Jefferson said.

Right now, Jefferson is left to play that waiting game with his expired license.

"I hope they're able to figure out that this is too much trouble for a lot of people. It's not just me. It's a lot of people going through the same thing,” he said.

Many other people have expressed frustration on social media over the new rule. KLTV has reached out to DPS for more information.

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