Report: City of Tyler making progress on improvement projects

Report: City of Tyler making progress on improvement projects

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The city of Tyler set a goal last year to help improve the quality of life for its residents.

The numbers are in, and the results seem to show progress, according to the City’s improvement website, .

In the last year, 62 businesses opened or expanded, creating 317 new jobs.

“Tyler is in a very invariable position, to be growing rapidly and to be investing in a way to keep up with that growth,” said Economic Development Director Tom Mullins.

WEBXTRA: Report shows City of Tyler making progress on improvement projects

In downtown, what some consider the star of Tyler, houses 986 residents, living in 494 downtown housing units. With new businesses popping up around them.

“That success is a result of something that happened over the last two decades,” Mullins said.

The City said last year it used $50 million — or a third of its $150 million budget — for infrastructure, and $40 million of that was paid for in cash.

The city spent $20 million on maintenance, repairs and improvements. That’s 13 percent of the City’s total budget.

“It’s very impressive, the fact that the city is dedicated to spending money, not going into debt, but paying cash for that, staying up with infrastructure needs and the growth of this community,” Mullins said.

More than 200 miles of streets were maintained in 2018. Two miles of sidewalk were added, and six local landmarks were put in place.

Mullins said the 2019 report will reflect more growth.

The City of Tyler also upgraded seven of its parks and picked up more than 13,000 pounds of trash in 2018.

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