Evening Weather At Your Fingertips

East Texas (KLTV) - Here is the Weather Where You Live... Even though the forecast path of Barry has moved just a little toward the west, just a little, we feel the impacts on East Texas will remain minimal at best. Rain chances for Saturday and Sunday will be 30% on Saturday afternoon/evening and then down to a 20% chance on Sunday and Monday. Rainfall totals will likely remain well below .50″ for most and some, especially along the far eastern areas, may see just a little more, but not much. The winds may be a tad higher tomorrow and Sunday, but nothing more than 10-20 mph our of the NE-N. As we head into next week, we begin to dry out and warm up quickly. Back into the middle 90s on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. NO rain is forecast for this period either. Dry and warming up quickly. Have a great weekend and please pray for those in the path of Barry.

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