Suspect in East Texas bank robbery connected to 2nd bank robbery

Suspect in East Texas bank robbery connected to 2nd bank robbery

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) -

Authorities may have caught a break in the search for an East Texas bank robber.

The Gregg county sheriff's office and FBI agents believe the suspect in the First National bank robbery in Liberty city was involved with another robbery that happened just 8 days earlier in another Texas county.

Nearly two weeks after the armed robbery of First National bank, Gregg county officers and FBI agents are still looking for the masked suspect.

"We're still looking for the individual responsible. We're not ruling anything out and every piece of evidence that comes our way, our investigators are following it to the end," says Gregg county sheriff's office lieutenant Josh Tubb.

But now they believe the same suspect was in a robbery just 8 days earlier.

"Investigators right now are able to say with some degree of certainty that this bank robbery is connected to one that took place shortly before in Hays county," Tubb says.

Images of a robbery suspect from a June 20th Wimberly bank robbery were provided by the Hays county sheriff's office.

"In both robberies, the masks are very similar. The bag that he used is similar. The mannerisms, the height the weight. That leads our investigators to believe they are indeed connected," the lieutenant says.

The suspect is wearing the same kind of mechanics gloves.

But they still need some help to find the suspect.

“If you have a home security system, would you please go back to that date in time and review a little before and little after to see if you may have caught this individual on your security system,” says Tubb.

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