Mineola murder trial: Jury watches surveillance video from night of EZ Mart shooting

Mineola murder trial: Jury watches surveillance video from night of EZ Mart shooting

QUITMAN, Texas (KLTV) - Testimony continued Thursday in the murder trial of Jason Walters.

He’s on trial for fatally shooting Chris Griffin, 18, at the Mineola EZ Mart in 2014.

During Thursday’s testimony, jurors watched store surveillance video from the night of the shooting. The actual shooting happened just off-camera.

The video does show and allow us to hear what happened both inside and outside of the store before and after Griffin was shot.

It was just after 11 on a Sunday night. Things at the store were busy with customers coming in and out — one of them being Jason Walters standing in line holding ice cream.

Joseph Williams, Janie Adams, and Chris Griffin are also seen inside the store.

The video shows Dietrich Flournoy, who testified on Wednesday, walking inside the store with sunglasses on.

He walks up to Walters and mentions he doesn't like the way Walters is "cutting his eyes at him." A few more words are said between the two, before Flournoy says he'll meet Walters outside.

The video from the outside of the store shows Walters walk back to his car, drop the ice cream off and then walk back, allegedly grabbing a gun and concealing it.

Another camera angle shows Flournoy walking just out of view followed by Walters. Flournoy’s girlfriend, Destiny Gonzalez, Williams, and Griffin can also be seen walking out of the camera’s view.

In a matter of seconds, Gonzalez can be seen running to the store’s front door. She opens it and can be heard screaming, “call the police. Somebody just shot somebody!”

Not long after that with the gun still in hand, Walters opens the front door and tells the clerk, "you need to call the police."

At one point, Gonzalez can be seen at Walters car taking his keys. She testified yesterday that she feared he would leave the scene.

As police arrive, Walter’s defense pointed out that while Flournoy was in handcuffs, other people can be seen taking things from his pockets. Attorney Cynthia Stevens Kent also noted that Williams can be seen running to the car he was riding in multiple times.

On the stand today, an investigator testified that Walter's weapon was the only one found at the scene.

The jury also heard from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy. Dr. Elizabeth Ventura, with Southwest Forensics in Dallas, said residue on Griffin’s skin indicates the gun made contact with his skin. She told the jury Griffin likely died within one to two minutes after being shot.

Walters’ defense is not disputing whether he shot Griffin, but that he did so in self-defense.

Testimony is expected to resume Friday morning in Quitman.

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