84-year-old Anderson County woman arrested for husband’s 1984 murder

84-year-old Anderson County woman arrested for husband’s 1984 murder

ANDERSON COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - A woman in her eighties has been indicted in connection with the murder of her husband. The murder occurred in 1984 and was considered a cold case.

Norma Albritton, 84, of Anderson County, was indicted on June 27. Her husband, Johnnie Albritton, was killed 35 years ago at their home on Highway 75 between Centerville and Buffalo in Leon County. The murder was never solved. Now, Albritton will stand trial for that crime. Whatever new evidence was brought forth by investigators has not yet been revealed.

Sheriff’s officials say she was arrested after a team of investigators and a cold case review team started reviewing the case five years ago.

“That part wasn’t a shock but it was an emotional day when she was arrested because I have a younger brother that was raised by her. That is my main concern right now," Johnnie Allbrittons daughter Judie Robinson says.

Following Allbrittons arrest, investigators say they’re now taking a second look into the suicide of the couple’s daughter, 13-year-old Pam Albritton; an incident that took place three years prior to the murder in the same house in Leon County.

Norma Albritton posted $50,000 bond and was freed.

If you have information about this case, call the Leon County Sheriff’s office at 903-536-2749.

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