Better East Texas: Texas Secretary of State controversy

Better East Texas: Texas Secretary of State controversy

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The Texas Legislature has been adjourned for a little more than month but the work of the Texas government goes on without a break. One story that continues to live is one that has been around for months.

Earlier this year Texas Secretary of State David Whitley, while in the process of being confirmed by the Texas senate, conducted a review of voters in Texas in an effort to improve the integrity of the state’s voter rolls – essentially make sure they were accurate. But the process was flawed, and tens of thousands of legitimate, registered voters were flagged for review by the state. It was a mistake, but the Secretary of State David Whitley held on to the process and was essentially forced to give up the review by a federal judge.

But it was too late, the state was on the hook for $450,000 in legal fees associated with the debacle. Secretary of State Whitley resigned just before the end of the session. You would think that would be the end of the story but it is not. Mr. Whitley started a new job, just days later working on the governor’s staff in Austin.

Now, it is ok for the governor to believe in David Whitley but for him to have Whitley seated in a new position days after he resigned in a huge controversy is not a respectable play by Governor Abbott. There is distrust for Mr. Whitely, even in Republican ranks, and effective government is all about trust; earning it and preserving it. Reconsidering this hire, or at least the timing of it, is certainly needed, and that will make for a Better East Texas

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