Veggie Kids Club benefits kids and farmers alike

Veggie Kids Club benefits kids and farmers alike

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - If you’re trying to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables this summer, a new club in downtown Tyler wants to help.

The Rose City Farmer’s Market has kicked off their Veggie Kids Club on Saturdays.

“This is the East Texas Veggie Club at the Rose City Market," said Coleman Crim, a new member of the club.

Some of the youngest East Texans are excited about it.

“You buy vegetables and every time you bring this bag you get a two dollar token to buy at the farmers market,” said Coleman.

The club — which provides kids with funds to purchase their own produce from the market — has been a dream for the director of the farmer’s market for a while now.

“We’re helping them get more fresh fruits and veggies into their diet, but also giving them the independence to perform the transaction themselves, engage with the farmers themselves, let them select the produce they want to eat,” said Jessica Bullock, the director of the farmer’s market. “Which hopefully is engaging them with the food in a way that’s more fun for them than it just showing up on their plate during dinner time.”

But, the kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from the program.

“It’s also helping our farmers,” said Bullock. “The farmers are getting new customers out of it and the farmers are having a really good time with it too, having new kids come shop at their tables that haven’t been there before.”

Crim said he’s looking forward to supporting local farmers while also spending quality time with mom.

“Just buying vegetables,” said Coleman. “And going with my mom shopping.”

Bullock said she believes, with community support, this can become a yearly program.

The Rose City Farmer’s Market takes place from eight until noon, every Saturday, from April through November and kids can come and register for the Veggie Kids Club on any Saturday.

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