Do you know the rules for a yard sale in your city?

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Updated: Jul. 5, 2019 at 6:09 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - There are a lot of yard sales throughout East Texas this weekend, and rules for having them vary by city.

“We love yard sales. We haven’t had one in a long time,” said Teresa Vineyard, who hosted a yard sale on Friday. “We decided that we would go buy some things and resell them.”

Although there may be a lot this weekend, you shouldn’t expect to see them in the same spot for more than three days.

Ordinances in some East Texas cities say that a yard sale can’t continue for more than three consecutive days on the same property.

Vineyard said she hasn’t hosted a yard sale since two summers ago.

It is also prohibited to place signs anywhere that isn’t the property where the yard sale will be taking place.

“Because we’re on the main road here, we don’t put signs out,” said Vineyard. “We get a lot of people that come by here.”

Certain cities even require a permit to host a yard sale.

“You have to have a permit,” Vineyard said. “You can only have three a year now, they started that last year.”

However, according to Vineyard, it’s pretty easy to get one.

“You just go to city hall right down the street,” said Vineyard. “It takes like ten minutes.”

On the purchasing side of yard sales, shoplifting or stealing from one can be reported to the authorities, the same was as any other theft.

So, whether you’re hosting a yard sale to move, to downsize, or for fun, make sure you know the rules to follow in your city and know that breaking any city ordinance can be cause for a citation.

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