13-year-old builds putting green where pool used to be

Young East Mountain teen designs and builds his own putting green

EAST MOUNTAIN, TEXAS (KLTV) - An East Texas teenager who loves golf has built his very own putting green.

Collin Small, 13, of East Mountain, got involved in golf at age 9. He liked it so much that now, he’s built his own putting green.

He took the pool out of the yard to put the green in.

“He leveled it out some more and put all the materials down in order to get his cup and his flag he worked some with his dad to help get the money to build it. He wanted to do it all on his own he wanted, he wanted it to be his project. His dad helped him a little bit but it was all him," said Collin’s mom, Sheila Small. “Over the years he’s gotten better and better, and learned to focus.”

He did have a focus in mind.

“I play a lot out here because I may not get out on the course sometimes,” he said.

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