Longview transit bus sports wrap dedicated to 2018 state champion Lobos

Longview transit bus sports wrap dedicated to 2018 state champion Lobos

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - East Texans won’t soon forget the Longview Lobos football state win in 2018, but just in case it starts to fade from memory Longview Transit has provided us with a big, mobile reminder: the Lobo Bus.

It’s causing quite a stir while cruising around town, or even sitting still according to Assistant General Manager of Longview Transit Tequita Dudley.

“Absolutely! People are excited about the bus. They want to ride the bus; take pictures of the bus. We will give picture and photo opportunities in the near future, but yeah, people are very excited. Especially the Lobo Fans,” Dudley said.

Off-duty driver Daniel Armstrong thinks ridership has increased on the Lobo bus.

“That attracts people in the town and everywhere in the community,” Armstrong said.

It’s a selfie generating thing, even though it’s only been around a short time.

“We wrapped it last week. It’s a project that’s been in play ever since they won the championship,” Dudley stated.

Looking at the bus, it’s pretty much an entire football game with cheerleaders and a half time show. It was a group project.

“We partnered with three different people; with Longview Independent School District, Longview Transit and Fast Signs. We partnered together in order to make this happen for the fans, and I think they love it,” Dudley explained.

They even included pictures of player’s reactions right after the game in the bus-sized collage.

And although at least one person on the bus was definitely a Lobo, it seemed every single rider became a Lobo fan as soon as they stepped on the bus.

“Go Lobos,” they shouted in unison.

And, as if that’s the way you start the Lobo bus, it did go.

No word about a second Lobo Bus as yet, but Longview Transit is always open for suggestions for wrapping their busses. If you have an idea, contact Longview Transit.

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