Hawkins mayor: ‘Jesus’ sign removed for safety reasons

‘Jesus’ sign removed for safety reasons, mayor says

HAWKINS, Texas (KLTV) - A sign in Hawkins that has been the subject of controversy in the past was removed early Friday.

The sign, which sat on Highway 80 just east of FM 14 read “Jesus welcomes you to Hawkins.” It was put there by the Jesus Christ Open Altar Church.

Ownership of the property where the sign was located has been the topic of dispute between owners of the church and the city for a few years now. The city removed the sign early Friday morning.

Hawkins Police Chief Manny Gillow addresses sign controversy

Hawkins Mayor Tom Parkers said the removal was for safety reasons. The owners of the church disagree and are planning to file a federal law suit.

“There is no, absolutely none, religious thing going on here at all, as far as the City of Hawkins is concerned,” Parkers said. “All we’re concerned with is constructing a safe entrance onto Highway 80 from Blackburn Street.”

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