Twins reunited after 60 years apart celebrate their 74th birthday

Twins reunited after 60 years apart celebrate their 74th birthday

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - RoseMarie Henson and Rosalie Turner are identical twins who were separated at age 14 when they went to different foster homes.

“When we were young, every year our birthday came, I always use to say happy birthday RoseMarie, goodnight RoseMarie, good morning RoseMarie," said Turner. "Every year I prayed that we would find her.”

After 60 years of trying to find each other, a few DNA kits made it happen.

“We separate when we were 14 years old and this is our first birthday together,” said Turner.

“It was a relief, it filled our heart back, the whole wasn’t there no more,” said Henson. “It was a good feeling, a very good feeling.”

Rosalie has seven children and a small army of grandchildren, but RoseMarie never had kids.

“I finally belong to a family, I’m not by myself anymore, I’m not alone," said Henson. "I feel whole. I feel so good inside, to me, it’s the biggest miracle in my life.”

Although they didn’t know where each other were for 60 years, they said they knew how each other were feeling.

“When you’re two of a kind, it feels like part of you is gone,” said Turner.

“We feel the same things, if she’s hurting, I can tell she’s hurting, if she’s sick, I can feel she’s sick," said Henson, finishing her sister’s sentence.

The two said they never gave up on finding one another.

“Every year, from the time we were 14 years old, we made a promise to each other that we will find each other and we will always pray together," said Henson. "And on our birthdays we would say happy birthday to each other and put our balloons up in the sky and we did.”

Celebrating their 74th birthday together was extra special for the two because it helped them with their goal.

“We used to say we’d find each other before we turned 75," said Turner. "Well, we turned 74, so it was before 75; it’s beautiful.”

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