Tyler airport officials say expansion, increased service a part of future plan

Tyler airport officials say expansion, increased service a part of future plan

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Officials at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport say recently they’ve seen a drop in ticket prices and increased air traffic. Things they say could be signs of a successfully carried out master plan.

Now, airport manager Davis Dickson is looking forward.

“I think in the coming years you’ll see a growth in that commercial air service,” says Dickson. “But also I see potential for maybe a flight school, expanded freight service, and more development for corporate aircrafts.”

The city is one step closer to this vision thanks to an $855,000 grant they are set to accept from the Federal Aviation Administration. Dickson says the funds will be used for the airport’s next master plan which will focus on commercial air service development, as well as general airport maintenance and expansion.

“We may see and determine that, that terminal building needs to look at an expansion within the next five to ten-year window,” says Dickson. “Another thing I think to look at would be air traffic control and how our air traffic control tower can be improved or maybe a new one constructed there.”

The airport’s last master plan was compiled in 2005 and focused heavily on the expansion of Runway 4-22.

“We’ve already seen in the few months that it’s been open quite a dramatic change in the fleet that uses that runway,” says Dickson.

The expansion of 4-22 also helped bring in Frontier Airlines and since then there has been a drop in overall fares, which Dickson says could be due to the added element of competition in the market.

The master plan is updated every 10 to 12 years.

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