Lighting designer sets mood for Texas Shakespeare Festival

Lighting designer sets mood for Texas Shakespeare Festival

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - When we go to a play, we think about the story or the actors. But if we can’t see what’s going on, well then we may think about the lighting. We spoke with a lighting designer who made sure everything at the Shakespeare Festival in Kilgore was easy on the eyes.

Mostly, she sits in the dark, which is ironic considering all she does is light. Lighting Designer Alice Trent came in to the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center at Kilgore College a month before show time.

“This season is actually really diverse in terms of the lighting from show to show because we go from realistic interior for “Born Yesterday”, which is a hotel room in 1946. And then we go to “Into the Woods” which is very classical Soundheim musical. Then you have “Othello” which is dark and moody, and then “As You Like It” which is like bright and in a forest so it’s really a wide range between all the shows,” Trent said.

She works with the directors pretty closely, but together they focus on the script.

“The script says, it’s storming outside, then there’s going to be a storm,” Trent revealed.

Some plays take up to a week to light because of various lighting changes in scenes.

“I set the levels using this board for all the lights. And the time and order that I want them to come up in. I record a cue, and then when I leave a stage manager has all the cue placements in a book with the script and then my Board Op will just press go, and it will be exactly what I want it to be even though I’m not here,” Trent explained.

“When you leave your baby do you worry?” I asked her.

“Always; perpetually, no matter how many shows I have running,” Trent admitted.

She’s 26 and has been lighting plays since she was 14.

“My first ever musical was actually “Into the Woods” and I’m lighting that this year for this season so it’s a trip; coming back to where we started,” Trent stated.

So home is where the light board is since right now Trent lives:

“Nowhere, but I’m moving to New York in early August,” Trent said.

And Trent hopes she spends her entire life moving into the light.

After leaving the Shakespeare Festival, Trent will take a short break then go on to Greenville where she will light two more plays.

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