TJC professor performs with actor, singer Hugh Jackman

TJC professor performs with actor, singer Hugh Jackman

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A Tyler man rocked his 15 minutes of fame playing an improvised trumpet solo at a Hugh Jackman concert.

He played before a crowd of 11,000 people in Dallas this week. TJC professor Micah Bell was hired for the back-up orchestra and was called out by Jackman himself to prove how Texans can lay it down.

Bell says he couldn’t believe his luck.

“It’s insane because, everybody is going nuts. Because Hugh Jackman is kind of dictating it and you know, he’s kind of an amazing entertainer, really, truly incredible. He’s like all right we got and he kind of egging us on, you know egging me on while I’m paying you know, and I was like what is happening? And he’s like reacting to it and the crowd’s reacting to it. It was an incredible feeling,” Bell said.

He tells us his motto in his life is to “take chances ... that’s how you grow.”

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