Better East Texas: The Art Briles effect on Mount Vernon football program

Better East Texas: The Art Briles effect on Mount Vernon football program

MOUNT VERNON, Texas (KLTV) -It is hard to imagine that we are already talking about football season, but the wheels of the most popular sport in Texas and East Texas are turning.

Unfortunately, there is a shadow on one high school program in East Texas that needs to be addressed before the season begins. That district is the Mount Vernon School District and its football program.

Former Baylor University Head Coach Art Briles has been hired by the district as head coach. Briles, you will probably remember, was terminated from Baylor amid allegations of a cover up dealing with sexual assault accusations against multiple players. The official investigation is still going on, so who knows when that will be wrapped up.

Briles failed to land a job in the US after he left Baylor. So, you can imagine the furor that his hiring has caused in Mount Vernon. People have questions about Coach Briles and the biggest one is that, now that he has become bigger than the program he is about to start coaching, how will the district address that? It is a distraction and yet an opportunity for the Mount Vernon ISD to create a message for good surrounding Art Briles – but, to date, nothing has been presented.

As a result, the message is that football and winning is bigger than respect for others who deserve consideration. So, come on Mount Vernon. If you are going to keep Art Briles, show some accountability to the community and see the big picture that a message of healing can deliver. Otherwise, the kids will pay the price, win or lose.

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