Texas pharmacies can now sell CBD products

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Updated: Jun. 20, 2019 at 12:07 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - East Texas pharmacies have been given the green light to sell CBD products, after being signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott this month.

Legislators like Senator Charles Perry from Lubbock are hopeful about the future of the CBD industry.

Earlier this month Governor Greg Abbott, signed a allowing for hemp farming and selling CBD products with a THC concentration of less than 0.3%.

“It will allow farmers to grow, it will production facilities to crank up and produce the raw hemp for industrial purposes,” explains Sen. Perry.

The Republican senator says Hemp Bill would also bring regulations to CBD products.

It’s a very diverse crop that continues to find uses for industrial purposes every single day from the hemp fiber and you’ve got the CBD oil that’s been proven more and more everyday more research there for medical and joint,” adds Perry.

Texas will now start to develop its own hemp growing. All hemp growers must be licensed. Supporters say hemp and CBD, comes from the cannabis species. Perry says CBD does not have enough THC to get people high.

Once Texas gets its feet on the ground and gets this process rolling it will earn “Go Texan Brand” which will pretty much certify that it’s been grown in Texas and manufactured in Texas and quality control will be under Texas direction.”

Pharmacist Sunny Krezdorn at Rose City Pharmacy says he has seen a growing interest in CBD products. He says he will soon be selling CBD infused goods. Having this law passed helps me feel more comfortable stocking the product, selling the product in the pharmacy,” explains Krezdorn.

30 other states already have established hemp growing programs. Perry is confident this will be a money making crop for the state.

“Once Texas gets its production facilities started up and once growers have gotten through all the learning curves on how to produce hemp in an efficient way, I think Texas will grab a large market share of that 20 billion market and expand it,” adds Perry.

The FDA is trying to come up with its own plan to regulate CBD products. It cannot confirm many of the benefits some CBD Products are promising.

Krezdorn says there is no word yet when the CBD products will be available.

KLTV also reached out to Tyler’s Police Department for comment after they sent out a letter back in February asking stores to stop all sales of CBD products.

A spokesperson with the department says since being signed into law, they will no longer be asking for the removal of the products.

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