VIDEO: 2-vehicle collision near Seven Points gas station resulted in fire, explosion

2 people suffered minor injuries

Fire at Seven Points gas station 2

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A fire and an explosion resulted after a car and a pickup collided on Pritchett Lane in Seven Points, and one crashed into the gas pumps at a nearby convenience store Tuesday afternoon.

According to Chief Raymond Wennerstrom with the Seven Points Police Department, the car and the pickup collided in the turn lane on Pritchett Lane near the Conoco convenience store on Seven Points Boulevard.

Wennerstrom said the driver of the pickup said he didn’t see the oncoming car when he pulled into the turn lane. As a result, the truck was struck on the driver’s side. One vehicle crashed into a gas pump and knocked it off its base. A fire broke out, and then some of the gasoline exploded.

The Seven Points police chief said the incident could have been a lot worse if not for the quick response of the Seven Points and Tool volunteer fire departments. An employee of the Conoco managed to hit the cut-off switch for the other pumps, Wennerstrom said.

To be on the safe side, the Seven Points Police Department evacuated the Conoco convenience store, the Cork and Bottle liquor store, and McClain’s Restaurant.

Wennesterrom said he was standing about a football field length away when the explosion occurred.

“I could feel the pressure,” Wennerstrom said. “I’m surprised it didn’t break the windows at the gas station.”

the drivers of both vehicles suffered minor injuries. Wennerstrom said the two people refused to go to the hospital after EMS personnel treated them at the scene. No one in any of the surrounding businesses was hurt.

Wennerstrom said no citations have been issued at this time and that they are still taking witness statements. He added that they are hoping surveillance video from the convenience store will shed some light on what happened.

Steven Palmer said his daughters, Rebekah and Rachel, were driving by after the wreck occurred, and they shot video of the fire and explosion.

Seven Points gas station fire

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