Governor Abbott legalizes ‘beer to go’ sales at Texas breweries

The law goes into effect in September

Governor Abbott legalizes ‘beer to go’ sales at Texas breweries

TEXAS (KLTV) - Come September, the enjoyment of a cold locally brewed beer won’t stop at the brewery. On Saturday, Governor Gregg Abbott signed House Bill 1545, sharing the news on Twitter.

“Craft brewing is big business in Texas,” said Abbott. “Until now if you visited a craft brewery and you enjoy what you drank you couldn’t take any beer to go. Well, Texas has changed that because that is not freedom, so I just signed a law allowing beer to go in Texas...drink responsibility.”

Texas is the last state to legalize these transactions.

At True Vine Brewing Company in Tyler, company spokesman Jared Chacon says, they've already started thinking up ways to take advantage of the new source of revenue.

“It opens up a lot of freedom and creativity,” says Chacon. “We can now release beers knowing that these beers will move a lot faster to the consumer because they can take them directly home with them."

Chacon says he also anticipates a wide-spread economic impact.

“On the house floor they said that breweries are adding billions to the economy across Texas,” he says. “Opening up a new source to push product infuses a lot more capital into our businesses, which means that we can begin expanding more, we can begin offering more jobs to Texas citizens and we can begin pushing our beer out even further throughout Texas."

There are some restrictions to the law, beer to go is limited to one case a day per person. Still, The law reduces some regulations on the beer and wine industry and streamlines licenses and permits required for businesses that sell alcohol and removes some fees.

"Texas has always been known as a great state for breweries but our limitations never allowed us to push that representation further,” says Chacon “I think now Texas is going to be known as having great beer and being a place for great beer business."

The law goes into effect on September 1. True Vine is already planning a party to celebrate while moving forward with plans for their second location which will be in Downtown Tyler.

“We are going to be a full tap room,” says Chacon. “We’re basically going to clone our tap room that we have at our primary location, so come in bring your date, bring your family, have a beer, have some wine, and then maybe take some with you to go.”

True Vine Brewing Company’s second location is set to open this fall.

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