Former chair of Baylor Regents defends Briles

Former Chair of Baylor Regents speaks on the controversial hire of Art Briles

MOUNT VERNON, TX (KLTV) - At Monday’s Mount Vernon school board meeting, those in favor of Art Briles’ hiring came from as far away as Austin.

Gale Galloway, the former chair of the Baylor Board of Regents, came to Mount Vernon with others to staunchly stand up for Briles.

“Because everything attributable to Art Briles is not true,” Galloway said. “So I did my own due diligence; I hired my security man to do a separate due diligence and we both came up with the same answer and that was the board of directors, at least the controlled group on the board of directors, were looking for a scapegoat, a fall guy.”

Galloway says Briles is an honorable man and believes Mount Vernon is a good fit, saying Baylor’s board was looking for a fall guy in the sexual scandal that forced Briles to leave.

"They, they put it on Art Briles and if he had done anything wrong then they didn’t owe him a penny, but they paid him 17 million dollars,” Galloway said.

“So you're saying the mere fact they paid him says that he was not wrong?” I asked.

“He was not wrong; they wouldn’t have owed him a penny under the contract. And that’s how ridiculous all this is, and besides that, Art Briles is a fine Christian gentleman,” Galloway said.

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