East Texas rescue mission preps for summer heat

East Texas rescue mission preps for summer heat

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The summer heat will quickly be on East Texas and one shelter is already making preparations to help some escape from the temperatures.

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission is making preparations now for the annual increase in visitors because of summer heat.

Rains on Sunday cooled temperatures briefly, but the mission is preparing for worst-case summer heat scenario.

“When we see people in the community that are homeless.. we will approach them and let them know what services we provide. Typically and historically this time, the summer months, donations go down. Monetary and food donations,” says Mission Men’s Director Chase Rodgers.

With June temperatures already into the 90's, the mission expects soon they will have many more visitors.

"We always see an influx of people that need our services here in Longview and Tyler. We expect probably 20 percent more people to show up at this time," Rodgers says.

The intensity of summer heat brings lots of people in and puts a strain on the missions resources. But it's a strain they need help to prepare for.

“We’re serving 200 men, women and children daily. That comes out to 600 meals per-day. 75 families in Tyler. The bills will go up, the water bill, the electric bill,” says Rodgers.

Specific donations are needed besides food, such as hats, bottled water, chap-stick and sunscreen.

In extreme temperatures, the mission will never turn anyone away, even if they're full.

"We will provide mats and sleeping bags so they can sleep in the lobby," Chase says.

You can make monetary or food donations at the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission locations in Longview or Tyler.

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