Two months later: Tornado recovery continues in Alto and Cherokee County

“By the grace of God, we’re starting all over again”

Two months later: Tornado recovery continues in Alto and Cherokee County

ALTO, TEXAS (KLTV) - Thursday, June 13, marks two months since tornadoes tore a path of damage through parts of Cherokee County and the town of Alto.

Across the county, progress can be seen in the form of new mobile homes and foundation construction.

“Everybody has been so good to us,” Sandra Verdell said.

We first met Verdell on April 13, just hours after the tornado destroyed her Alto home. The tornado tossed her husband in a field behind their house and left her trapped beneath a pile of debris.

“It’s a miracle,” Verdell said. “I shouldn’t have survived considering the way this house tore up around me. I should not be here, but by God’s grace and mercy I am.”

Like many new mobile homes around town, Verdell’s house was provided at no cost by a local church relief fund. Before receiving their new home a couple of weeks ago, Verdell and her family were staying in a hotel room provided by The River Church.

“By the grade of God, we’re starting all over again,” Verdell said.

Across town, there are still several destroyed homes and piles of debris. Alto Police Chief Jeremy Jackson says crews are set to begin clearing city neighborhoods starting next week.

'There’s just been so much red tape," Chief Jackson said. “Applications and papers to fill out to start the process. But we’ve actually got the process started, so I hope within the next two to four weeks we’ll be well on our way.”

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