Main street members from across Texas create mural in Mount Pleasant

WEBXTRA: Main street members from across the state create mural in Mt. Pleasant

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - If you chalk it, they will paint; at least that was the theory during the Texas Main Street Summer Conference in Mount Pleasant. And they got a mural artist to draw on the wall of a downtown business and main street managers from all over the state were the artists.

Just west of the courthouse a building wall was chosen to beautify Mount Pleasant, and Jacob Hatfield, the city’s Main Street Manager says the idea sprang forth from four people.

Main street members from across Texas create mural in Mount Pleasant

“Everyone colors their block, and then David, our artist will come back through and finish those lines up, and put the sealer and everything on it and we’ll have a finished product,” Hatfield explained.

So to kick it off Artist David Freeman addressed the crowd of soon-to-be fellow artists.

“So everybody that’s painting, you’re going to have one strip of paper; and identify the column, for example this one is ‘Y’,” Freeman said.

He designed the mural and cut it into strips that correspond to a grid on the wall where the full sized mural is drawn in chalk.

“I don’t know, these people don’t look like they can stay in the lines,” I offered to the group of main street directors.

And the painting began, each person painting a square or two.

“I imagine a lot of people haven’t done this since they were kids,” I said to David.

“Yeah, well I asked how many people had painted and about five people raised their hands out of seventy,” he smiled.

David has done this before and has found:

“They really enjoy it. It’s a nice experience for them, you know for our high school art students,” David said.

Mt. Pleasant Marketing Manager Amy Hinton also helped brainstorm the multi-artist mural. She thinks it’ll be:

“Eye catching. I think people will be able to notice this. They’ll want their picture made in front of it, and they’ll be by to see this little piece of history,” Hinton stated.

And Amy captured the history while it was in the making with a time lapse she shared with me. And yes, the selfies began right after the brushes went down.

“It’s kind of blocked in, we got something going on and it looks beautiful. It looks great,” David added.

And, you know, everyone pretty much stayed in the lines.

The hope is that the seventy or so main street managers in attendance will take this idea back to their towns and paint their own multi-artist mural.

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