ETX Doctor recommends screenings, check ups during Men’s Health Month

Men's Health Awareness 6AM Brennon

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - June is National Men's Health Month.

It's a time set aside to raise awareness on the things men can do to get and stay healthy.

“From a public health perspective it’s very scary because many of the leading causes of death are on the rise and there’s no reason to believe they’re ever going to go down unless people get in early,” explains Pippin, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, UT Health East Texas.

Doctor Pippin says scheduling an appointment with your family doctor on a regular basis is critical.

“We’re looking at basic healthy lifestyle. How much are you drinking? Are you smoking tobacco products? Are you eating an unhealthy diet and not exercising enough?” Medical experts say heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are among the leading causes of death, and colorectal cancer is the fourth most common.

“We want to get men who don’t normally go to the doctor to come to the doctor because they probably have something in their future that could be prevented,” adds Pippin.

The average American man will live to the age of 76 while the average woman will live to age 81 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Sometimes a difference between a serious problem and a minor problem is as subtle question or body language and came up in front of a doctor that knows you well who asks you just the right question at just the right time,” explains Pippin.

Pippin says a routine check-up paired with screenings and lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of chronic illness for men.

“It should be a priority now rather than later because the later you wait the sooner something catches up to you,” says Pippin.

State officials are calling on East Texans to wear blue Friday to bring awareness to National Men’s Health week and honor those who have overcome health challenges.

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