Final pre-trial hearing held for ETX mother accused of killing 2 children

Sarah Henderson’s trial is set for August 5

Final pre-trial hearing held for ETX mother accused of killing 2 children

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas mother accused of fatally shooting her children appeared in court Tuesday.

Sarah Henderson is charged with two counts of capital murder and one count of attempted murder.

The pretrial hearing, held in Henderson County, focused on statements Henderson has made about the November 2017 shooting to county officials.

Henderson’s attorneys have filed a motion to suppress those statements, but prosecutors argue that they should be admitted into evidence because Henderson either made them voluntarily or after she was read her Miranda Rights.

The two deputies first on the scene took the witness stand, both testifying that while Henderson was being handcuffed, she turned to her husband and said the words "I’m sorry."

An investigator, called in to assist was next to testify, he told the court that shortly after the defendant arrived at the Henderson County Jail he asked her if she knew why she was there, to which she allegedly answered, “Yes, I killed my kids.” Although this exchange was caught on video camera, prosecutors say there is no known audio recording of this statement or her apology at the scene.

The lead investigator on the case also testified during the hearing. While he was on the stand a video was played for the court in which he is seen and heard reading Henderson her Miranda Rights. She can also clearly be seen signing an acknowledgment that she understands them.

As the interrogation goes on Henderson confesses to shooting her daughters and states that her plan was to shoot her husband and then herself had he not got hold of the gun.

When asked why she did this, Henderson responds, “Because I was going crazy.” She explains that financial pressures were getting to her and that she had been planning this for a couple of weeks.

Henderson’s daughter's Kaylee Danielle and Kenlie were 7 and 5 when the shooting occurred. Family members gathered in the courtroom in support of the young girls during the pre-trial hearing.

The judge will decide whether to allow these statements to be admitted into evidence before the trial, which is set for August 5.

Henderson is also facing a charge of assault of a public servant, related to an incident during her time at the jail.


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