Traveling through East Texas, Iowa couple sells everything to explore America

Traveling through East Texas, Iowa couple sells everything to explore America

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) -

An Iowa couple and their children, traveling through East Texas, have made the bold move to sell all they have, and travel the country.

At Lake Hawkins park, traveling and living in an old school bus, the Ensley family made a bold decision a few months ago.

They sold their Iowa home and everything they had, to hit the road and see America.

"We talked about it for years that we wanted to travel. We were working for a house that I'm never at because i was always at work. I came home from work one day, exhausted and burned out, so we liquidated all our assets. My wife said well lets go travel. So with a pickup and horse trailer packed with all our belongings, we left," says Matt Ensley.

"I was in a panic, but excited at the same time. At first it was just vacationing here and there, then full on hit the road and go," says Matt's wife Jamaica.

"I thought are we doing the right thing? Is this something we can do?" Matt says.

They started by traveling from Iowa to Texas, coming to Canton trade days.

"We heard that Canton had one of the largest flea markets in the United States. We came to first Monday flea market and bought a bus!" says Matt.

Home-schooling their 4 children along the way, Jamaica was 8 months pregnant.

"She went into labor one morning," Matt says.

They couldn't make it to a Tyler hospital and little Zachary Ryan was born on the roadside.

Matt works odd jobs to make traveling money, and he remodeled the bus to be a rolling home.

"We want to teach our kids about the U-S and Texas is a great place to start." he says.

The Ensley's say the decision was well worth it.

"If you live your life with what if's and what could happen, you'll never do it. I'm having a blast I wouldn't go back," Matt says.

"Well life is an adventure," Jamaica says.

The Ensleys have already taken a trip to 'Big Bend' in West Texas, and are leaving Wednesday to travel to the Grand Canyon.

They say they plan on making Texas their home in between travels.

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