13 Year Old Boxer Rises

East Texan Boxer headed to Jr Olympics

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Deja Garcia really knows how to pack a punch, the 13 year old is headed to Wisconsin later this month to compete in the Boxing Jr. Olympics.

She’s taken to the fight game and surprised many. She’s won 6 of her 9 bouts, and you could say she’s a celebrity.

“Kind of yeah everybody is like really amazed because I’m a female so everybody doesn’t expect it," Garcia said.

“We talked on the phone, you boxed in the golden glove box and tournament talk to me about the experience and how did you do,” I asked.

“It was my second fight so it’s like kind of crazy because I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but I got a first round knockout. TKO and stuff so it went really well for my first time,” Garcia said.

“I’m just proud of her, I like seeing her in the ring and seeing what she can do and it’s just a good thing to see,” said proud mother Jennifer Perez. “I’m really proud of her, both my kids, I said they both box and they are there for each other and I get so nervous when I’m there and once she’s in that ring doing what she does I’m like everything’s ok I know she’s got this because she has it in her. She has it in her heart, and her mind, her body, and her soul, it’s a wonderful thing to see.”

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