Lindale alum to rodeo with Texas Aggies

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LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Payday welcomed me to the Wedemeyer homestead and showed us how she and teammate Laramie are a tremendous riding team. Her rider is Texas A&M bound, where she’ll rodeo with the Aggies. Her enjoyment of riding goes way back for the just graduated Lindale alum.

“Well my passion is horses for sure, agriculture, anything outside so getting to be with the horses and kind of being one with them it’s a relief of stress,” said Laramie Wedemeyer. “Coming home from school and you’re getting to ride my horse to practice or exercise, it’s really nice and that’s why I kind of want to go into animal science and do something with equine once I go to college because my passion is with the horses.”

That passion is paying off. Rope calfing is also in her DNA, something she learned from her mentor Jim Fuller. She credits him with teaching her a lot.

“This was the first horse, Payday, that I had ever roped off of, mainly the only horse that I break away roped off of, but she started learning when I start learning so she was a once-in-a-lifetime horse for sure when I started because we didn’t know what we were doing and we learned together and four years later we’re doing we’re doing better,” Laramie said.

Both her parents, Mike and Staci, were rodeo athletes, and her father, her first coach, and still coaches her.

“Coaches can be hard and the kids have to learn to accept it and suck it up but when it’s coming from dad it’s a little bit different or mom because they don’t want mom and dad to be disappointed and it’s not really a disappointment obviously we want the best for our children,” said Mike Wedemeyer.

She’s tried other sports, but on the back of a horse is where she says she belongs, and what comes with that for her and her little brother Kye are all the intangibles traditional sports offer.

“Discipline that is built in them is great and it carries over to everything in life and their schoolwork and all that it’s really built discipline in them.”

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