Better East Texas: Baseball needs netting

Better East Texas: Baseball needs netting

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Baseball is a dangerous sport. Let’s face it. If you are a parent or just a fan of a little leaguer, you know the angst that comes when your player is at bat or when a hard-hit ball is sailing at them – will they react in time – make the play?

Attending a professional baseball game can be risky as well. Each year, we report on people that are hit and sometimes critically injured at a game, usually they are hit by a batted ball. It happened recently in Houston where a little girl was injured – hit in the head. It is time for Major League Baseball to install additional netting to protect fans down the first and third base lines. It is not because fans are universally inattentive it is because of the speed of the game.

I had the opportunity to play baseball and have sat in an exposed field level seat and the speed of balls off the bat is incredible and challenges even the most agile fan in the seats. It will take team owners stepping up and doing the right thing. Many team owners fall back on the fact that they receive fan calls not to expand the netting but sometimes doing the right thing is unpopular. The players want the netting and the game experience won’t be horribly affected.

If you are so inclined, we have included the contact links for the Rangers and Astros. Give them a call, state your opinion and perhaps new safety measures will emerge and that will make for a Better East Texas.


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