John Tyler alum gives back

John Tyler alum gives back

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - It’s the ninth year for the Fast Teddy Speed and Agility Camp. The NFL free agent as most everyone knows by now got into the league based on his Olympic caliber speed. Speed is an element that everyone has but the earlier as a child that you can develop fast running the better.

“One-hundred percent, you gotta set a great foundation. It’s just like building a house. You can have a terrible foundation and put up the most beautiful things on top of it, but if you don’t have a great foundation, all that is going to collapse," Williams said. "So starting the kids off young, that’s why we will do seven-year olds and six-year olds out here, setting them a great foundation and letting them elevate and build up great stats and great things on top of that.”

But understand, this is not just about developing athletic skill, confidence builder it is also. Teddy Williams urges his campers to finish a drill, don’t half step see it through, there’s a reason why he pushes that narrative.

“It directly transitions over to life. You know I like to teach life lessons, I like to correlate everything to life. You know you gotta finish these drills and the correlation over you take these to life lessons, finish in life, finish in everything you do, if you put your hand on it, finish it," Williams said.

We’re looking at possibly the next successful businessman or business women or an up and coming athlete. You don’t know, prime example of this. Williams had a former camper who’d go on to the NFL reach out to him.

“Oh, one-hundred percent. The best thing that happened was a kid that was in the first ever camp, Greg Ward, one of my little brothers, he came back when he got into the NFL, he actually helped out in the camp. So that was a great thing to see someone that started off in the camp go off and do great things and then come back and be able to help out."

That’s how it works spotting hunger in a youngster and helping that person develop into whatever it is they want to be. Success comes in all kinds of flavors.

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