Tyler’s first-ever comedy club offers both laughs, opportunities for aspiring entertainers

WEBXTRA: Comedy Store

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A new business in Tyler is delivering laughs to its customers.

Rando’s Comedy Store is entering its fifth weekend after opening, and there are already talks of expanding.

“Every week is getting more and more full ... we’re probably going to need a bigger place soon,” said owner Joel Rando.

Rando owned an iPhone repair shop on West Front Street when the place next door opened up. Rando, who had owned a comedy club in Lubbock, figured he’d try his luck and open one in Tyler.

“And I thought, ‘something new, something different,'” he said. “I like to rewrite history. It’s the first comedy club in Tyler, and it’s a fun place.”

The club, located at 115 West Front Street, provides laughs to its guests and an opportunity for aspiring comedians to have their time in the spotlight.

“I encourage other comedians that are in this area to come down. We’ll give you a shot,” Rando said.

Not only can comedians try out their stuff during Monday’s open mic night, they also have an opportunity to open for the club’s headliners such as M Dot White and Ronn Moore, aka White Chocolate.

“Before every show, if a comedian wants to come up, we’re going to give them a chance,” Rando said. “Give them two, three minutes. And if they’re funny, we’ll give them more and if they’re not, we’ll hit them with that light.”

Along with Monday night’s open mic night, the club has shows on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 p.m.

“Just get ready to laugh hard,” Rando warns. “These comedians bring it.”

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