Tornado rips through Canton near same area as 2017 storm

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Updated: May. 29, 2019 at 11:14 PM CDT
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CANTON, Texas (KLTV) - In almost the same area where devastating tornadoes hit two years ago, horrible damage and devastation were done another time around.

“We heard it rip the side of the building off, we heard crashing and booming and screams, and then dead silence,” Mr. D manager Crystal Herrera says.

Crystal Herrera was taking cover Wednesday afternoon in the Mr. D’s gas station bathroom when the tornado hit.

“And you just hear it ripping, the sound of it just over top of you and you can’t control it, it’s like whoa,” Herrera says. It is a sound that most Canton natives describe as a freight train.

“It sounds like a train, it’s a big deal, when they tell you to get out, get out,” Canton native Terry Sedner says.

Once the sirens went off, Terry Sedner said he took cover in the Kicking Mule off Trade Days Boulevard, and once the lights went off... “I was scared, I was scared for my sister,” Sedner says.

With Canton Trade Days just right around the corner, vendors booths were already set up, but ripped right back down within seconds.

The roof was ripped off the UT Health building and thrown across the intersection. Large sheets of metal were wrapped around power lines.

And through the wreckage, there were always good Samaritans helping those affected.

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