Kilgore gets another Historical Marker

Kilgore gets another Historical Marker

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Its last graduating class was back in 1970, but Kilgore’s C.B. Dansby High School is not forgotten, in fact, the empty lot where the building used to sit now bears a State of Texas Historical Marker.

The C.B. Dansby High School was a segregated school built in 1935 and added to many times over the years. Delores Arline is Class Reunion chair and Historical Marker Chair and she:

“Wrote the narrative for the historical marker to be submitted to the state of Texas,” Arline said.

She says she did a lot of paper and folklore research and she:

“Combined the two and we submitted it to the Gregg County Historical Commission, and the approved it. It later went to the Texas Historical Commission, and we’re here today,” Arline revealed.

She attended the school before integration when they:

“Closed the school down in 1970 and all of us went over to Kilgore High School and graduated from there,” Arline recalled.

She says the marker dedication was a long time coming.

“We knew many of the teachers that you see behind you there’s some teacher’s pictures; we knew these people, grew up in the community with them and we wanted to honor them by making sure this place was marked for perpetuity,” Arline said.

Luevatrice Jean Polley McCoy was a member of Dansby’s last graduating class in 1970.

“It was a great school, I loved the band I loved them Tigerettes. Them Tigerettes could dance. I really loved them. I didn’t make it, I tried out for them but I didn’t make it,” McCoy recalled.

But McCoy thinks the historical marker is well deserved.

“A memory, you know, that you can look back at; drive through here and remember this is where you started at, right?” McCoy added.

So it seemed fitting she was part of the group who unveiled the marker. With the C.B. Dansby reunion happening this weekend, they figured they better polish up on the school song.

“Hail to the school; Dansby High!” the crowd sang.

Delores Arline says the city now owns the property where the school stood. She says she’d like to see the area developed with housing or apartments and be revenue producing for the City of Kilgore.

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