Family loses home to fire but saves graduation gown

Family loses home to fire but saves graduation gown

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - One East Texas family isn’t focusing on what they lost when their home caught on fire Saturday afternoon.

Instead, they’re focusing on what they saved.

The Tovar family’s home caught fire around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon.

All five people in the house at the time were able to get out safely along with something special.

“My little sister is graduating today; it’s her big day," said Josue Tovar, holding up a graduation gown that belongs to his sister Isela. "At least it’s just a little stained but thank God we pulled this out.”

Isela graduates from John Tyler high school Saturday night at eight o’clock. She said there’s a reason her family and her gown were able to make it out of the fire.

“It was God basically," said Isela. "God is literally working in my family and basically he protected this for me and he’s letting me graduate and I thank him for that.”

The damage their home suffered is severe.

“I feel pretty bad because I never really thought this would happen to us but you know, nobody really knows what happens," said Josue. "Everything happens for a reason.”

But, saving the gown is what they said matters.

“To me, this is the thing that means the most," said Josue. "It’s her big day. It was a big day for me whenever I graduated so I’d rather her have her graduation and enjoy it.”

Isela’s family will be attending her graduation and cheering her on.

“That really means a lot right now," said Isela. "I need my family by my side more than anything and I’m thankful for all of them.”

The Red Cross has arranged for the family to be in a hotel tonight.

Family loses home to fire but saves graduation gown

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