Charity car show benefiting Angelman Syndrome put on by mom of eight year old with it

Charity car show benefiting Angelman Syndrome put on by mom of eight year old with it

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Amy Ramming is hosting a charity car show on Saturday to benefit the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

She knew she wanted to do something to help an organization close to her heart.

"Just come out and have a good time, that's pretty much what it all boils down to and raising awareness and support for the Angelman Foundation and hopefully getting one day closer to a cure."

The organization is close to her heart because her eight year old daughter Jaylei has Angelman Syndrome.

“It is a rare neuro-genetic disorder that effects chromosome 15," said Ramming. "It results in seizures, mental delay, physical delay; just craziness.”

Jaylei was diagnosed on her second birthday.

“The day we found out it was a kind of like a punch in the gut. All the normal dreams just kind of went out the window,” said Ramming. “But, I wouldn’t have her any other way.”

While Jaylei is always happy — unless you try to get between her and her food — her mom said it isn’t always easy for her.

“It’s been hard just not knowing when the seizures were going to start and then just seeing other kids being able to walk or read or ride bikes,” said Ramming. “That’s been the hard part on me.”

When diagnosing Jaylei, doctors gave Amy and her husband a bleak outlook.

“She goes, Jaylei will never walk, she will never talk, she will probably be wheelchair bound for the rest of her life," said Ramming. "So, any expectations of her having any kind of normal life, you can pretty much give up on.”

Amy said every day she watches her daughter achieve things the doctors said would never be possible.

“She’s my hero. She doesn’t give up on anything," said Ramming as Jaylei begins clapping. “She’s just amazing. She’s kind of the light in a dark day.”

Amy said she hopes the car show is the beginning of hope for others in the same situation.

“That’s the main thing, giving people hope and realizing someone’s working on taking care of it and fixing it and curing it," said Ramming.

The car show takes place Saturday from 9-4 at the Pickin Porch in Ben Wheeler.

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