East Texas residents concerned for their health following sewage spill

East Texas residents concerned for their health following sewage spill

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - We want to warn you, some of the images and details in this story are disturbing. Thousands of pounds of wastewater are running through the streets of Jacksonville, and that has residents worried about their health.

Dirty diapers, used feminine products, and actual fecal matter run through the streets of Jacksonville.

“You can see like boo boo and stuff like that coming out of the sewer and over here there is toilet tissue, its unlivable basically,” Jacksonville resident Crystal Silmon says. Crystal Silmon says she doesn’t let her kids play outside anymore.

“They’re little kids and they’re going to run and when its sitting like that they want to jump in and play in puddles and stuff like that, it’s just disgusting,” Silmon says.

Silmon is one of many who has to boil their water after the city of Jacksonville put out a boil water notice; following a wastewater spill of more than 100,000 gallons of sewage.

“I boil everything, even the bathwater my kids take a bath in, the water I use to clean my dishes with, the water I cook with,” Silmon says.

The city says the rainfall overtook the sewer system, in turn affecting Lake Jacksonville. The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality was immediately notified.

“These sewer lines here are not big enough for the value that runs through it to hold it, to disperse it where it needs to go, so it comes up off the ground and goes into our lake,” Jacksonville resident Robby Foreman says.

The T.C.E.Q took water samples and the city is also collecting samples at the same sites, adding all coves and areas of the lake to confirm the quality of the water.

“Water is over there running, and the reason the water is running is that they’re diluting it going into the lake, it’s obvious what they are doing,” Foreman says.

KLTV got word from the city of Jacksonville, they say Lake Jacksonville is back open and safe for the public.

Residents in the area with the boil notice have been told the city is installing new water meters soon, but there’s no word yet on when exactly that will be.

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