DNA test brings brothers and sisters together after 77 years

DNA test brings brothers and sisters together after 77 years

ARP, Texas (KLTV) - A reunion 77 years in the making - and it all happened after an online DNA test. Sisters Joyce Ann McMath and Joyce Ann Henderson hadn’t seen each other in 77 years.

“So here we are, here we are, I’m going to cry, and I don’t mean to, so I told her, I said, your mother, I’m looking for her and I have for years,” younger sister Joyce Ann McMath says.

For 77 years, Joyce Henderson believed she only had one sister who passed away in 2005, leaving her feeling completely alone.

“Why, I asked the Lord, why 77 years, but I had been going through a low time in my life, and I think the Lord said ‘enough, I’ve got something really good for you ahead,' and he did,” Joyce Ann Henderson says.

Joyce Ann McMath has been looking for her older sister, Joyce Ann Henderson ever since the day her DNA results matched on Ancestry.com.

“When my daughter Dana said, ‘Momma, your sister is trying to get ahold of you,’ I called her, we talked for about three minutes and then it was like we had never been apart,” Henderson says.

Henderson is now the oldest sister of four siblings; Joyce Ann McMath who lives in Arkansas, and Patricia and Ron who live in California.

The two Joyces were able to take a trip to California to see their brother and sister in the beginning of May of this year, after meeting for the first time in April.

“I have brothers in Christ, but a brother that’s mine ... well, that’s ours,” Henderson says.

The girls have so much in common, they believe they were twins separated at birth.

“Our lives are so parallel. We were pregnant at the same time, our children are close to the same age, just so many things alike,” McMath says.

Their father was never able to explain the children’s separation before he died in 1985, but this family says they believe everything happens for a reason.

Joyce Henderson and Joyce McMath are trying to plan a family reunion soon, so that Mrs.Henderson can finally meet the rest of the family she never knew she had.

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